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Echo Sound Ltd. is the place to look for the latest in Panasonic

Echo Sound Ltd. is the place to look for the latest in Panasonic Home theatre, For cutting edge technology We also carry a full line of digital cameras, camcorders and have all your cables, patch cords and hard to find audio video peripherals.

Are you looking for a new TV? We've got all the answers to your questions in on place in

Samsung has been making TV history and still continues to do so even now. The evolution of image quality—achieved by researching innovative technologies every year— is the reason why consumers continue to choose and love Samsung and why it continues to stay at the forefront of the TV market.

Enjoy hundreds of HD channels to keep your family connected and entertained.

Shaw Direct home satellite delivers your favourite programming, movies and much more to your TV. You buy a receiver and pick your programming. We install a dish on your home and wire the receivers. It's easy.With channels from our most popular bundles, get the package that feels just right for you. Plus, BlueCurve TV App,

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More room to move. Find your sound designed and engineered to let every powerful bass line, every ounce of energy from your music come through, no matter where you are. Fill your living room, backyard and on-the-go space with sonic clarity and superior audio performance.